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Halo (writing dump)

Things still haven't been going so well, but I thought I'd drop by with a little update of some kind. There are uploads on deviantART called "sketch dumps", where artists just dump off all the doodles they've done, any practice works. I figured I'd continue my tradition of throwing my writing doodles at you guys here, because I do try writing every now and again.

Actually, this one is a year old now. I started it at random in March 2015, because I wanted to keep writing about lil' Eduardo. ღ I had a few ideas bouncing around my mind from reading the old '80s Invasion! comics; and it was also inspired by the totally coincidental crack-pairing with Starfire which happened outta the blue when my friend and I did a dA meme. (LOL) I got such a kick outta it, I redrew our happenstance moment, as well as an illustration for a scene I imagined:

At first I named the pairing "GoldenFire", but I soon started calling it "Halo" because all my scenes, all my character perspectives, all the messages I was hoping to convey, were beginning to be inspired by the song from Starset: ( listen here )

Now, there wasn't going to be much continuation with the whole Starfire ship. That was just for fun; at most, she was going to help Ed learn to cope with his powers. And maybe learn to accept some aliens, since I'm certain he'd thoroughly dislike aliens after the Reach's abduction and experimentation. Not something one would easily get over, I feel.

Anyway, Halo was still something of a headcanon at the start, in every sense. I was thinking about why the creators of Young Justice would change the origins of El Dorado, originally a superhero from Mexico. Ed Dorado Jr. made a lengthy runaway journey to be with his father, leaving from Argentina to Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A.; whereas Mexico would have been a bit more practical. So my geeky fan-theory was because it had something to do with Argentina's own DC canon superheros, the Super Malón. I kinda thought it might be cute to have their leader, La Salamanca, be Eduardito's mother.

I could babble for eternity on canon and ideas/reasoning, but I'll refrain. XD Here's what I wrote out so far, but I'm not sure if I'll ever pick this idea back up.

a Young Justice fan fiction
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Runaways and the Invasion

I was going through some of my old sketches, cleaning up the half-decent ones... And I wonder if anybody caught the DC canon throwback in my fanfic Into the Nothing, why I had Ed liken using his powers to snapping his fingers?


art by me on deviantART

Okay, maybe nobody finds this stuff as interesting as I do, but anyway. (LOL) Young Justice: Invasion was scripted around two previous DC Comic cosmic invader stories. Obviously the one we all know and love, The Reach Invasion from the 2006-2009 run of Blue Beetle, wherein the aliens arrive on Earth to find out why the Scarab "seed" was corrupted and subsequently plot their conquest. They are led by the Negotiator (changed to the more diplomatic English word Ambassador in YJ, maybe because Negotiator brings to mind police hostage situations? XD) and Dawur (the Security Chief Black Beetle is based on, except Dawur has no Scarab). But there is no Scientist; Negotiator is only interested in studying the rogue Infiltrator, but avoids butting heads with the "powered community" at large.


(Click pages for full view)

But still the Reach Scientist is not entirely unique to YJ:I. Because the cartoon series also taps into the less-remembered Dominator Invasion! from 1988. This three book mini-series attempted to explain the random human genetic anomaly that makes certain people super-powered: the meta-gene. ("Never meta-gene I didn't like!") The Dominators are intellects and scientists, and for their studies they kidnap humans from Earth to experiment on. They do the same tests as YJ's Reach Scientist: put humans under extreme direst and torture to see if the meta-gene could be triggered on. When six captives miraculously survive, it leads them to form an alliance with other aggressive alien races and wage war against Earth, all with the hopes to "weaponize" those with the meta-gene.


So while the Runaways as characters are based on the '70's Super Friends background members created to give ethnic diversity to the Justice League heroes, and Tye gives a name-nod to his Justice League: Unlimited counterpart, Long Shadow:

Their involvement in the actual story is pretty much a replacement for those six newborn superheroes from Invasion!, who later became known as The Blasters―in honor of not being killed in the Dominators' Blaster-Field slaughter:

(Click pages for full view)

And one of the Blasters is former JLA side-kick Lucas "Snapper" Carr, who develops the power to teleport himself, which he activates by snapping his fingers. Oh ho! There it is! :D

Snapper, you'll remember, appeared in Young Justice, voiced by Greg Weisman himself, although it was never revealed whether or not he had any superpowers in the show. (Here is his concept art as posted by the Warner Bros. Studio staff member on his deviantART: YOUNG JUSTICE: LUCAS 'SNAPPER' CARR by Jerome-K-Moore)

And like Eduardo Jr., Snapper discovers he can teleport with one other person:

I have way too much fun playing in the DC-universe canon pool. :D All my own comic scans, by the way, please do not take.

I also have this fan-theory that the creators of YJ made Tye and Asami a couple at the end of the Invasion as a throwback to the "bromance" between Long Shadow and Wind Dragon. XD (There was no El Dorado counterpart in Ultimen, unfortunately, instead Wonder Twin replacements.)


It's already over

My first post of the New Year! I apologize for my lack of updates and just generally keeping quiet, but after Tjitse died I basically shut down. I haven't felt like myself for the past several months to be honest, and I fell back into a low, melancholy mood. I gave up on life, really, just going through the daily grind because... well, because that's my life. I'm finding it harder and harder to stay positive, supportive, and productive.

My Christmas was okay, rather a whirlwind of events because I was ill-prepared for it. Dinner with the family went by fast and without a hitch; no major gifting was done this year since we all are in a tight spot; and three days of cleaning the house for a four-hour get-together was over in the blink of an eye.

And the following Monday I found out my grandmother (on my father's side) passed away December 26th. The day after Christmas―that is tragically unfair. May she rest in peace. (;;_;;)♡

Recently, I've found myself pulled into a lot of negativity, most of it being online. God, all the bullying I've been witnessing at deviantART, it even made my one friend suicidal last week! :( So 2016 did not start out on the best foot, for anyone it seems. I was hopeful once the year was over I might have that refreshed, almost relieved sensation which normally comes with New Years and setting goals. But this black cloud hangs on strong. I'm thinking I need to step back from the social part of dA, which is where I spent my free time, and focus again on me. Because I lost myself for awhile there.

“The person in life that you will always be with the most, is yourself. Because even when you are with others, you are still with yourself, too! When you wake up in the morning, you are with yourself, laying in bed at night you are with yourself, walking down the street in the sunlight you are with yourself. What kind of person do you want to walk down the street with? What kind of person do you want to wake up in the morning with? What kind of person do you want to see at the end of the day before you fall asleep? Because that person is yourself, and it's your responsibility to be that person you want to be with. I know I want to spend my life with a person who knows how to let things go, who's not full of hate, who's able to smile and be carefree. So that's who I have to be.” ― C. JoyBell C.

Highlights of 2015

My year was spent learning a lot of art. I fell out of writing once I started sketching almost every night. Around April and May I decided to go full force with digital; I had been gifted a tablet at the end of 2014, but it wasn't until then I began to use it in earnest. Although I still can't sketch from scratch directly on it, I started taking the time to ink line work, and exploring different digital painting styles. I even made some animated .gifs and pixel art for the first time. And I was proud of it all.

My deviantART Summary of Art

Resolutions for 2016

I learned a lot last year about art. But when the year ended in a miserable blur, my basic foundation had taken a major hit and I've gone back to all my old flaws, so I'm basically back to ground zero, I feel. I'd like to get back to where I was, unafraid of trying new things, unafraid to fail.

Having said that, I desperately miss writing. I'm tired of getting out one or two solid stories, and then hitting the wall so bad I don't write again for years. Plus, I recently received my first feedback on Archives of Our Own, and it was positive and motivating. Someone even suggested I get a tumblr, which made me think they felt I was worth getting out there. (^_^) So if I have one resolution, it's to get back to the place where I started in 2014 with Into the Nothing and drawing as a hobby. I enjoy art, but my passion was always words, not colors.

Otherwise, I still have some personal goals I'd like to set, even if it's only in scaled down version. I guess we shall see. I'm just awfully tired of my life feeling so ordinary...

Writers Questionnaire

I decided to take a moment and participate in a Writers Questionnaire over on deviantART. I actually commend the member who created it, NemoX7, for taking this initiative because I've noticed two things about being a writer on deviantART: One, we're on the sidelines of the community, since Visual Arts garner more interest; and two, writers are notoriously "bubble creators" and we don't seem to socialize with one another, at least not to the extent that artists do in my humble opinion.

For my personal space here, however, I will leave out the questions pertaining solely to dA. Anyway, to quote some Dead by April song lyrics: "I clutch my fist in the air and here I go~"

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A gift

Whoa! I received a belated surprise birthday gift which really left me dumbstruck, in the happiest of ways. This incredible "movie poster" fan art was done by the amazingly sweet ArtCrawl on deviantART, who is one of my favorite artists; I aspire to her level! Please be sure to click on the image to check it out—in all its epic glory—at her Gallery.

Runaways birthday gift-art
Thank you, ArtCrawl! I love it!!

Now, as for the simplistic title of this Journal entry, it's actually a throwback to dialogue in the 2013 DC animated film Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox. Another epic in terms of artwork, storytelling, and soundtrack, it is my favorite of the DCAU feature-lengths. I happened to re-watch it again the other night, and was surprised to suddenly spot Dr. David Wilcox (Young Justice: Invasion) making a cameo in the background:

I offered YJ screen captures of the S.T.A.R. scientist here, for reference, and I write him often in fanfics. His appearance isn't surprising though, given Phil Bourassa was the lead character designer on both shows, and the Warner Bros. studios have already proven they enjoy nods back-and-forth with cameos. Everyone at the time was already well aware other YJ cast members were featured, notably the updated, matured designs of Kaldur (Aqualad), Tula (Aquagirl), and Garth (Tempest).

Awhile back I read an interview with the minds behind Young Justice, explaining the Atlanteans appearing in Flashpoint. If memory serves, at the time Aqualad had not yet made his appearance in DC Comics New 52 reboot, so they sorta had free-reign on designing and using Kaldur'ahm, who later became Jackson Hyde in comics. However, after I saw Dr. Wilcox, I hawk-eyed on the rest of the movie. Unfortunately, no Eduardo or Asami still, but I did catch an obvious walk-on by B'arzz O'oomm (Green Beetle) in his human guise, as well as characters who resembled Lucas Carr and Dr. Serling Roquette.

Thank you [Birthday Feature]

Oh my gosh, thank you to everyone! My birthday was on the 23rd, and I'm usually quite flippant regarding it. After so many years, it does become "just another day" since I am not a party-type with many friends where I live. Also being a twin, it's not a special day for only me, so there's two adult people involved which makes planning things tough. Family gets in the mindset where it's both, or nothing, so if one of us is unavailable... well, then, maybe next year?

It no longer bothers me as much as it once did. Actually, October is my favorite month regardless, because the autumn season is in full swing and Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not to mention ever since seeing the psychological thriller movie The Number 23 with Jim Carrey, I'm pretty happy with having a birthday falling under the 23 enigma. XD

However, this birthday was made memorable thanks to all my great friends here online! Like, wow! I was honestly quite surprised by the amount of warm wishes I received, both here from the lovely laurose8, and then everybody on deviantART.

And lookit! I received some epic and gorgeous gift-art which I must, must, must show off! And while the fangirl inside me pretty much exploded, my friends also had the nicest things to say, I can't even:


You'll also notice this adorable lil' blinking couple: Who are now my default icon here. Yes, that would be a pixel-chibi version of me, holding hands and wrapped up with Eduardo Dorado's scarf. *blushes* The fangirl lives, ya'all! She lives!!

I even received some gift-fics by a few dear friends and fellow writers:

Journal About Heather by Jakers-Reviews
Make a Wish by PrettY-kItty-luvs-u (Read below:)
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Aren't they all fabulous beyond words?! Ohmagawd I can not even! *cries happy tears* Please be sure to click each and every thumbnail and link! You'll be taken to my talented friends' pages where you can see these beauties in larger, glorious detail. Go send them some love and comments, too! They deserve them for being awesome!!

And to top it off, my friends MizDawesome and sindah snail-mailed me fun and cool delights! Thank you, ladies!! And somehow MizDawesome managed to make her parcel into a mini-surprise party, mixing my mundane with the virtual love on dA. Whaaaat?! (*_*) Check it out here. Seriously, that was my first-ever surprise party, and it worked—I had no clue she was getting some of my dA buddies involved, and I was floored. Jaw on the floor, body bouncing around, floored! Well, you can probably tell by my comments to her journal. Speechless, yet I can still squeak out: thanks!

♥ Thank you everyone!! ♥
You guys made this birthday one I'll always treasure!

Astoundingly, I was able to swing a late birthday dinner out with my twin sister and the family on the Wednesday before. And we actually had a fun time! My sis gave me the best card, too: Wonder Woman and her fabulous boots! :D

We are lost inside our scars

Last month, at the urging of a friend, I finally decided to give Archives of Our Own a try. I never liked the aesthetics of that fan fiction website very much—the flow, the label icons, and the self-imposed tagging system (people create their own and it's like hash-tag bombardment); not to mention their search engine is not title specific, making it an overall messy place.

I was honestly quite amazed it's still considered in beta stage and I had to request an invite. But even stranger, AO3 was founded in 2007. That's one damn long beta stage! Meaning, I guess, things will still be unreliable. If anything it's an experiment and a place to archive. Right now my account is focused on the Runaways. I was hopeful the fact there is only 3k YJ fanfics, whereas FanFiction.net has well over 16k, might mean better exposure. But no, it's just not as busy a site.

Anyway, I just posted what I was fondly calling How I Met Your Mother. It's cleaned up as best I could manage, and there's a chance it might have another part someday, from Shelly's perspective instead. The parts are now titled using lyrics from the song "Inside Our Scars" by The Veer Union. I felt it had a nice range of open, perceptible themes and emotions for the parents towards their children, and possibly between each other.

I have fumbled into the second half, but I don't think I'm keeping any of it. It's just to get me more in-tune with Shelly. Since I usually post random, babble writings here, I'll keep that tradition alive:

"You blink an eye and then they're gone"
a Young Justice: Invasion fan fiction

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Lost in translation

「もう~やだアァァ!!   分かりない…   私はついていけない。」
Art by me

I'm sure this topic has already been done to death by other Young Justice fans back when the series was still new on television, but I just thought I'd give my own two cents on poor Asami's language skills. Since I've been in the same boat, reversed, trying to teach myself Japanese. And because I've nothing else to talk about.

I know a lot of fans were disgruntled with the fact there were no subtitles provided, but c'mon, it's not a made-up language like Atlantean or Reach. Get some culture, peoples! I, for one, enjoyed the fact it felt rather like being dropped into a foreign country and left to your own devices. Which is 100% what happened to our little Sam-chan. Plus, it was amusing watching the boys with that perplexed look of WTF?

What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual.
What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual.
What do you call someone who speaks one language? American.

However, I'm fairly certain most anime viewers in the fandom cringed as soon as the Runaways were given speaking roles, because all Sam would say over and over again were the same two redundant replies: Suimasen and doumo.

「すいません」 is a shortened slang form of sumimasen and is an apologetic expression meaning "excuse me/pardon/sorry". I guess it is similar to saying "gimme" instead of "give me", and would be appropriate for Asami to use when speaking to the teen boys.

「どうも」Doumo, or dōmo, is a basic "thanks". From my experience, I've heard it used more often to express gratitude when someone does something for you, a minor favor like passing the salt at the dinner table when you ask, kind of thing.

Using these words as she does is not technically wrong by the dictionary sense, but it most certainly is not to context for a native Japanese speaker. I just thought it was weird to adhere to these two words alone, when anyone who even casually watches subtitled anime will find other one-word sentences to use instead. Heck, you could use Google Translate and get different choices, probably even better ones for certain scenarios.

On his website, someone asked writer/producer Greg Weisman about Sam's dialogue, and he provided the Japanese directly from the script for the episode Runaways. He responded:

"I want to state in advance that we did the best we could. The translations and transliterations were all run by a Japanese native in advance. And the actress who played Asami, Janice Kawaye, is fluent in Japanese. I have no way of knowing if there are errors, but no one can claim that we didn't do our very best to get it right."

Indeed, props to everyone for trying! Japanese ain't an easy language to learn by any means, especially on the fly. And I'd also like to point out even though Janice Kawaye is fluent, most likely she would've only had access to the script shortly before recording the voice-over work; most studios do post-recording where all the actors in the scene stand in one room and basically read along. So if she noticed any errors, she couldn't do anything at that point because she could only change the dialogue if the syllables fit with the timing and character's mouth movement.

But for the heck of it―edits and stuff! 'Cuz I can. (LOL)
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I suppose the writers might have considered Asami would stick with only two words, her thinking perhaps they would eventually be understood. But when all is said and done, the over-use of suimasen was probably build up for the ending cuteness of the episode:


"Suimasen... That means trouble, doesn't it?"

"No idea!"

Have you seen The Amazing World of Gumball: The Boombox? Even kids know this is accurate.
We laugh because it's funny and we laugh because it's true. (>y<)

One of the reasons I enjoyed self-studying Japanese was because it's so easy on the ears. Meaning whatever is said, sounds exactly as you would write it in Latin script (Romanization). So when you hear Sam say 「やばい!」 you can sound it out, ya-ba-i, and look it up in a dictionary to find the kanji/hiragana and definition. I learned a lot by transliterating song lyrics in that way. (But that's also why I still struggle with grammar and sentence structure, since lyrics often wax poetic in a unspecific way.)

In their second and final episode, The Hunt, Lex Luthor asks them to rescue the Team members being held captive by The Reach. And Asami breathes: "Kamikaze!" That one should need no translations, being a familiar term in English, too.

And you know what's sad? I used her Japanese to understand Eduardo says: "Misión suicida."

Learning Spanish through Japanese as a native English speaker? ... Gawd. ^^

Comedian Eddie Izzard gets it

Runaways Image Songs

This might be something more recognizable to anime fans, but image songs are songs specifically designed to fit the personality of a fictional character, usually performed by the original voice actor (seiyuu in Japanese). They're often released with tie-in albums for anime, manga or video games, including soundtrack CDs and often as special bonus material on drama albums (otherwise known as radio/audio plays).

My time spent as an otaku, a hardcore anime fan, was primarily focused on seiyuu. It was just entertaining and awe-inspiring to watch these folks become the characters through their voices, with gusto and humor, so image songs were something I wholeheartedly loved.

My introduction to them was through Gundam Wing, but I started on GW English dubbed so I didn't connect. It was until my fangirl affair with Weiß kreuz did I truly appreciate the dramatic image albums and character songs. In fact, my introduction to the boys of that show didn't begin with the anime; it was Omi Tsukiyono's character song "Suicide Seaside" as performed by the VA of lil' Omi, Hiro Yūki. The song has a wonderful beat and succinctly captures Omi's personality.

From this, you can kinda see the fan idol appeal, because honestly Yūki-san is not a technically perfect singer. Despite the fact not every seiyuu can carry a tune, all still perform character songs, while in-character. Sometimes they even got their own PV, such as the animated character pieces made for the drama CDs for Velvet Underworld ( watch here ).


I've often lamented how other voice actors don't get the same spotlight as Japan's seiyuu, and wondered how cool it would be if cartoon characters here had their own image songs. So I bounced ideas off of my friend Yoruhoshi at deviantART and, to be a complete fangirl, thought these genres, style, theme and/or lyrics would fit best with the Runaways...

I see Sam being a pop music lover, maybe a lil' hipster under that street-smart guise, and this song by [Alexandros] (formerly [champagne]) jumped out at me immediately, for several reasons. The title being the most obvious, then the trendy aspect of the musicians and the theme; but what caught my attention the most was the opening and ending scenes with the girl staring off at the sea... if you read the fan-theory in my fanfic Louder Than Words you'd catch the similarity I saw.

Although my Japanese has gotten way rusty, the lyrics seem pretty basic: unable to sleep, feeling stifled by faking the life that others want you to have, and being told to be satisfied with half-hopes and regretting the past. So run away, be yourself, don't settle for someone else's second best. A spirit I think Sam represents. (Although I apologize to voice actress Janice Kawaye for picking a song with so many high notes! xD)

There is so much about Tye's personality which I connected to, and given how he fled in rage, with his dark, brooding, and dejected attitude—not to mention the studded rocker wristband he wears—I felt he'd also enjoy some kick-ass Disturbed and "Down With The Sickness" seemed appropriate. Metal music to release and express anger, a coping mechanism for when he tries not to get into it with Maurice. If you don't know Disturbed then be warned: there is explicit language. (Another song I thought might represent his feelings towards his mother's situation would be Disturb's "Façade".)

Interestingly enough, Tye's voice actor, Gregg Rainwater, actually does sing. He traveled as part of a choir in his youth and always listed singing as a hobby he enjoys. Wonder if he'd like a less-classical, more death-vocal song? ^^

Ed is like my own little hero, and I would love him to be into head-banger music too, really because he has the perfect hair for it. XD While I do picture his style to be heavy, I imagine with his emotional conflicts and struggles he'd be more emo, less screamo. I chose his image song "Erased" from Swedish band Dead by April because it's got Jimmie Strimell's awesome screams, but there's also a gorgeous intensity in the notes and perfect lyrics; he is the one who wants a cure, so obviously he feels changed, something erased, and wanting someone (his Dad) to understand his feelings. I also typically use light references when thinking in terms of Ed, and you'll hear some in this song. Freddy Rodriguez in this style? Yes, please!

If we take him back home, before everything, I can kinda see him enjoying the nu-metal grunge of Argentina's own wicked PR3SSION: "Blind Soul". (My Spanish sucks, but watch out for language with this band, too.)

Okay, I'll admit, Virgil stumped me. For whatever reason, I couldn't picture him a music lover. I felt like Virgil might be one of those who enjoys whatever plays on the radio, but easily enough tunes it out. This was originally why I went running to fellow music aficionado Yoru, to get some help with his selection. I noted how a lot of people say intelligent types listen to classical, but I couldn't see Static playing Beethoven while he studied.

And Yoru recommended a video game soundtrack instead, which I found brilliant as Virgil can come across as a bit of a nerd. XD So in honor of that brainiac gamer spirit, I went with a Rudebrat dubstep drop. Again, I know VA Bryton James is a singer himself, but hopefully he'd be okay with being DJ instead. :D


Vixen premiered today on Warner Bros. the CW Seed and I must admit, I thought the episodes would be a little longer. At a run-time of five minutes (or exactly three minutes 49 seconds without the credits), I've seen fan-made indie films on YouTube make a bigger impact. All we saw was the chase scene from the trailers, getting our first glimpse of her animal powers, and our introduction to Mari McCabe as a person. First impression, she's the sassy girl ready to inflict attitude (and pain) on any man trying to intimidate her, but also the dirt-poor lone-wolf who believes she has no true identity and is searching for answers. The feels were subdued in this fly-by opening, and hopefully in the coming episodes we'll get a little more depth.

With all her high-rise acrobatics and mysticism against Arrow and Flash,
I didn't really buy the blood-curdling scream as she fell backwards off a roof at the OP cliffhanger.

Overall, the pacing was swift, beginning with the present timeline of running from the superheroes, and then the rest is a flashback to introduce the character and set things up. And the story's kind of standard; I didn't feel any suspense by the episode's cliffhanger because I'm pretty sure I already know what Mari is gonna do to those thugs. The saving grace would be the amazing character designs by Phil Bourassa and the slick animation I've come to expect from the DCAU.

The CW Seed site seems to be having technical difficulties (or they're still in the process of uploading) because I couldn't get the episode 2 trailer to load. However, I do plan to keep watching. Not just in hopes of spotting more background cameos, but also because I think Vixen will eventually kick some serious butt with her powers!

By the way, I do think supporting Warner Bros. digital content in a positive manner is a good method for then requesting (nicely, please) to bring back Young Justice. If there's enough people downloading their online series (and not only their already mad-popular CW Network programs, but also like the future Static Shock), they have said their Blue Ribbon Content label will work on new animations, so we could potentially persuade them to bring us more YJ (in some form or fashion) if we support their newborn efforts in the Internet world. Whether they distribute it through their CW Seed, Machinma, or even Netflix like all the petitions have pleaded, it could be possible. Just don't forget to keep supporting the YJ title itself through purchasing DVDs, comics, CDs, etc.